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The best way to restore concrete slab road surfaces is to use the geopolymer injection method Slab Lifting. It allows to raise settled concrete slabs, and to level the surface of the entire section of a road or car park. The Slab Lifting method also allows to repair inoperable sections of roads adjacent to bridges, railways, port docks, loading platforms, etc.

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Tramway line in Tallinn project overview

The waterway accident in the center of Tallinn, at the intersection of Mere puiestee and Ahtri Street, resulted in stopping tram traffic. A 200-mm-diameter water pipe broke. Asphalt sank next to the tramway at the accident site and the sinkhole opened.


Roads | Riga tramway tracks

Riga authorities decided that during renovation of the tramway tracks the heating system pipeline that was running under the tracks had to be replaced as well. As location of the pipeline changed after construction of the technical line, it was decided that the pipeline was to be installed by way of boring.

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Ports | Port of Helsinki

URETEK developed a solution where the openings in the piling walls were closed, the voids were filled, and the initial load-bearing capacity of the soil was restored.

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Ports | Port of Nasva

In the course of extension works in Port of Nasva, a sheet piling was rammed in the sea, which remained unbound in one corner and east wind emptied the area behind the sheet piling. Seawater had eroded the filling material under the berth to the depth of 6 m, thus endangering the superstructure of the new berth.

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Roads | Kurna – Luige section of Tallinn roundabout

Recently built four-lane road showed signs of subsidence and voids under the pavement, which caused closing two lanes for traffic. Despite repeated attempts to solve the problem by using traditional excavation method, subsidence was not stopped.

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Roads | Road uphill the Song Festival Ground

Pipeline was installed under a busy road in Tallinn, but the soil surrounding it was not sufficiently compacted, which caused subsidence of road surface. Subsidence has reached the point where it started to disturb traffic and after two to three attempts to fix it, the client contacted URETEK team.

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Roads | Road section in Jüri small town

A subsidence occurred in recently completed road section in Jüri small town for unknown reasons, causing asphalt to collapse in 1.5 m radius. In the event of using traditional method, entire subsidence area would have been excavated and soil newly compacted. That would have taken at least two days and involved exploitation of heavy-duty machinery.

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Roads | Gonsiori Street

Gonsiori Street is one of the main arteries in Tallinn, closing of which would inevitably cause major congestions during rush hours. Unfortunately, in the course of reconstruction works carried out in Gonsiori street, there occurred subsidence under massive heating pipeline.

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