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Business Buildings

Geopolymers are widely used for restoration and repair of production and industrial buildings. Geopolymer resins are suitable for reinforcement of foundations, as for buildings that are being used by the company, so for buildings that are presently not in use and are being modernised for installation of more powerful equipment.

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Business buildings | Rimi shopping centre in Ventspils

Rimi shopping centre in Ventspils was erected on a marshy soil, which caused floor subsidence and the owner of the centre contacted URETEK Baltic OÜ, asking to find a solution to the problem.

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Business buildings | FEB warehouse

FEB logistics centre is the heart of the company, which operates 24h a day. Even brief stoppage of work of the centre would be very challenging and costly for the company. However, floors of the warehouse had to be lifted and soil under the floor compacted, because concrete slabs had started to move under the weight of forklifts.

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Business buildings | Rimi shopping centre in Vilnius

In a shopping centre in Vilnius occurred floor subsidence, affecting 3,500 square metres of floor and three concrete support posts. Subsidence was caused by construction fault that had not taken into account peat layer under the centre at the depth of 4—5 m. In fear of repeating the tragedy of Maxima store in Riga, the shopping centre was immediately closed, obviously causing great financial loss for the owner.

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Business buildings | Prisma Supermarket in Tartu

An inspection revealed that the sinking was only in the floors and the load-bearing structures were intact and without any damages. The area of the floor that had sunk in the warehouse and in the sales hall of Tartu Prisma was 500 m2 and 600 m2 respectively.

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Agricultural facilities | The silo of Vao Agro

Over the years, acidic silage effluent had caused leaks in concrete gutters of the silo and silage effluent seeped from the silo to soil, eroding the soil beneath concrete slabs and polluting adjacent field. Silo had already been repaired two or three times, but to no avail, and the company eventually contacted URETEK team.

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Agricultural facilities | Vao Agro milking parlour

Floor of the milking parlour is daily washed with plenty of water. In this case, it caused subsidence of concrete floor, directing animal faeces and wash water away from drain traps and making it very difficult to keep the floor clean.

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Industry | Sihva car workshop

In the course of construction of new repair workshop, the soil under the foundation remained uncompacted at one end of the building, and construction works had to be stopped. The extent of subsidence exceeded permitted tolerance limits many times and the structure became unsafe due to risk of collapse.

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Industry | Animal waste processing factory in Latvia

Subsidence of a lead-bearing structural post caused by leaking drainage pipes was discovered in a factory in Latvia. Load-bearing capacity of soil was insufficient up to the depth of 2.5—4.2 metres, as the leakage had carried the soil away. As a result of that, structural post and foundation had sunken by 5 cm and further subsidence was only a matter of time.

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Industry | Haapsalu Door Factory

Due to poor compaction, the soil under reinforced slab had sunken to large extent and up to 4 cm subsidence had occurred between skirting and parquet flooring.

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