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Residential buildings

Cracks can appear in walls and floors of buildings as a result of foundation settlement caused by weakening of the ground below the building. In order to remove such cracks it is necessary to first and foremost eliminate the reason that caused them, i.e. to reinforce the ground and raise the foundation to the design height. The easiest way to do that is to use URETEK’s geopolymer injection technology.

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Residential buildings | Apartment building in Tartu

Floor subsidence was discovered in an apartment building in a new residential quarter in Tartu. Engineers found up to 20 mm cracks in the walls of the building and subsidence of floors to the extent of up to 40 mm.

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Residential buildings | Private house in Liepaja

Due to poor compaction of soil under the floor of the house, cracks occurred in floor slabs and when inspecting the edge of the foundation it appeared that floor slab had sunken by up to 30 mm.

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Residential buildings | Private house in Ventspils

Rain gutters were filled with stones, which caused the water to flow under the house. Over time, water found its way under the foundation and carried away soil, causing subsidence of foundation and cracks in walls.

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