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Historic buildings

Objects that have a high historical or cultural value are often threatened by natural aging and destruction – just like all other buildings. However, objects that are recognised as a part of national or world cultural heritage, must be conserved, restored or reconstructed in a way that allows to reduce damage to their elements to minimum, no matter whether minor repairs of the walls and floors, or raising and reinforcement of the foundation are performed. Damage caused to historical buildings can be minimised by using URETEK’s geopolymer technology.

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Riga Cathedral

Due As a result of major drop in the surface level, oak piles exposed to air started to decompose, which in turn caused subsidence of the building. Subsidence of that magnificent cathedral was seen in many cracks in the walls and it was only a matter of time until it would need large-scale renovation.

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Grain drier in Mooste

In former grain drier of Mooste Manor, water had eroded the base of the chimney at the depth of 1.5 m, resulting in subsidence of the chimney by 5 cm which would have probably continued.

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Historic tavern building in Haapsalu

When restoring a historic tavern building, the designer added extra load to the building, causing suspicion of subsidence. A responsible team promptly stopped construction works and started to inspect potential subsidence, ascertained that it was highly probable and that the building required additional support.

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Monument of Nikolai Pirogov

Pirogov Park and Toome Hill in Tartu are among most important park areas in Tartu. A few years ago, park underwent renovation, but in the course of construction, one side of the monument erected to Nikolai Pirogov, former professor of Tartu University, started to sink.

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Venerable nobility house

Three-storey nobility building built in Toompea quarter in Tallinn in 1776 started to sink in the 2000s. Remarkable cracks occurred in the façade and partition walls, and new owner of the building started to look for a solution to his problem and contacted URETEK team.

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